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Our Lab

This lab was established by Prof. Merav Shamir, Dr. Erez Hanael, Dr. Shelly Baruch and Ms. Gal Shmuel. All are veterinary clinicians (and student) who share the idea that naturally occurring diseases and basic pathological processes are similar in most animal species and can be studied in one for the benefit of all others.

Moreover, diseases of companion animals that share their habitats with humans may be even more comparable. With the advanced diagnostic facilities and cutting-edge treatment options available in veterinary medicine, more diseases are diagnosed and being treated in animals that bare similarities to equivalent conditions in humans.

Therefore, our lab focuses on using data and specimens from naturally occurring neurological diseases in animals as a source of natural models to investigate basic pathological pathways, specifically the role of blood brain barrier in neurodegenerative diseases and epilepsy.

We acknowledge the gap that exists between experimental animal models and the actual diseases, hence part of our work is in an attempt to help fill up this breach.

Contact us

Merav H Shamir

Koret School of Veterinary Medicine

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

P.O.Box 12 Rehovot 67100, Israel